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Kinetic.PR is a full-service public relations firm focused on the high-tech start-up community. Based in Silicon Valley, the team brings more than three combined decades of proven high-tech experience in influencing market opinion. Kinetic.PR is guided by four principles:

PR should incite action. Whether it’s to drive sales and loyalty, foster investment or acquisition, cultivate partnerships and alliances, or aid in recruitment and retention.

Issues-based campaigns drive relevance and results. Bombarded by information, audiences today are constantly asking, “Why should I care?” It’s imperative that companies can answer by linking their value proposition to the business, regulatory, technology, and cultural trends impacting business and consumer decisions today.

One approach does not fit all. Today’s tech innovators are breaking new ground and redefining how we view the world. So why would a PR program be anything less than one carefully formulated to a company’s individual needs, strengths and goals?

Start-ups need—and deserve—senior public relations counsel. Companies introducing new concepts and working to stand out against more established market players must go beyond basic block and tackle. Industry and market insight, strategic planning, and messaging that is tuned and tested provide the foundation for PR execution that drives results.



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